Video DSL and Telephone Bundles Get our fastest Internet connection - built for streaming Video!

We offer many different options for Telephone and Internet. Our most popular, and latest DSL technology is our Video DSL service. We highly recommend you consider those options first as they will allow you the fastest speeds and most reliable connection available. When you bundle your services with us, you get just one bill for phone and Internet access - plus local customer service and support from representatives right here in Minnesota! No more dealing with the big Phone or Cable companies.

Video DSL is Perfect for:

  • Downloading or streaming movies from Netflix in just minutes
  • Streaming Television like Google TV, Hulu and YouTube
  • Social Networking
  • Downloading music in just seconds
  • Online gaming with better ping times
  • Video Chat and Video Conferencing
  • Video and photo sharing
  • Online data backup
  • Connect all of your devices (computers, TVs, iPods, iPads, etc) wirelessly throughout your home
  • Telephone over the Internet

Save the most when you bundle Video DSL with Digital Phone. You can also bundle with Analog Telephone or get Standalone Video DSL.

Video DSL Features

  • Download speeds up to 12mbps
  • Wireless capability with advanced networking modem
  • Free local and live technical support

Digital Telephone Features

  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Unified Messaging Call Management - send your calls wherever, whenever
  • Telemarketer blocking
  • Voicemail to email
  • Virtual electronic fax (available for additional cost)
  • Call Activity History
  • Portability - keep your same telephone number
  • This is VoIP service (Voice over Internet Protocol), different from analog phone
  • Requires Analog Telephone Adapter to connect phone to Internet

Most Popular Standard Telephone Features (for Analog Telephone Bundles)

  • Voicemail - Access your voice messages via telephone.
  • Caller ID - allows you to view name and number of incoming calls.
  • Call Waiting - Hear a tone letting you know another call is coming in while on the phone.

Additional Standard Features available (for Analog Telephone Bundles)

  • 3-way Calling - speak with two different people at the same time.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection - automatically rejects incoming calls from blocked numbers.
  • Selective Call Rejection - block specific telephone number from reaching you.
  • Distinctive Custom Ring - get a second telephone number to ring on your line with a custom tone.
  • 900/976 Restriction - prevents outgoing calls to toll charged numbers.
  • Speed Dial 8 or 30 - allows you to dial frequently called numbers by entering a 1 or 2 digit code.
  • Last Call Return
  • Voicemail to email (available for additional cost)
  • Virtual Electronic Fax (available for additional cost)

Feature pricing varies dependant on the bundle that you choose.

Most Popular Bundles
Bundle Phone Features DSL Speed Price
Additional Video DSL Services available
Bundle Phone Features DSL Speed Price
Video DSL + Basic Phone None 12Mbps $77.99/mo.
Video DSL + Pick 3 Phone Choose 3 Standard Features 12Mbps $84.99/mo.
Video DSL + Basic Phone None 7Mbps $67.99/mo.
Video DSL + Pick 3 Phone Choose 3 Standard Features 7Mbps $74.99/mo.
Video DSL + Basic Phone None 1.5Mbps $57.99/mo.
Video DSL + Pick 3 Phone Choose 3 Standard Features 1.5Mbps $64.99/mo.

Prices do not include applicable taxes or fees. Installation, activation and additional feature fees may apply. High Speed Internet requires a modem for use, which can be purchased or rented from Velocity Telephone. Digital phone service requires the use of an Analog Telephone Adapter which can be purchased or rented from Velocity Telephone. Phone service available in MN only. High Speed Internet speeds may vary, are not guaranteed and are subject to availability. Speeds listed are for the downlink. Uplink speeds vary from 256k to 896k depending on availability. Inter-state long distance billed at 3.9¢ per minute. Intra-state long distance billed at 3.9¢ per minute. Bandwidth usage limitations measured in rolling 30 days at 15g for 1.5mbps users, 250g for speeds above 1.5mbps.

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