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In today's business environment it is important to do business when you want, where you want.

Virtual Office supports this by starting with Unified Messaging, receiving all of your messages in one place. Imagine getting all of your voicemails and faxes as emails in your inbox. Now imagine receiving those voicemails and faxes along with your regular email while on the go using your mobile phone. Sound good? That's just the beginning.

With Virtual Office all of your sites are on one phone system. No expensive cross connects, or weeks of configuring and consulting fees to get your sites talking to each other as if they are on one system. With Virtual Office, whether your working from home, the office on the other side of town, or even at your cabin, you are always on the same system with the same features and conveniences. Transfer calls across sites. Extension dial between offices. Even update where your calls go and how they are handled, regardless of where you are doing it from.

That's the power of Virtual Office. If it sounds good. Give us a call and we'll explain more. Or continue reading through our information online then give us a call when your ready to talk with us about your solution.

Virtual Office is a full featured business telephone solution which uses Voice over IP to flexibly connect your multiple business locations into a single phone system. Work from home with all the features you'd have at the office. Extension dial across locations, even from home. The flexibility you always wanted from your business phone system but without the complication.

Some of the features of the Virtual Office solution include:
  • Multi-site integration
  • Unified Messaging - get all of your voicemails and faxes along with your email
  • Flexible control of how your company's main phone numbers are handled, including for business contingency planning.
  • Find Me / Follow Me - have your calls follow you on the road. Or put them on a schedule. Each phone number has the ability for fine grained control of how to handle your calls, all under your control from our secure Virtual Office web portal.
  • Ability to work seamlessly off-site or from home
  • Full call center package
  • And many more features, just ask one of our sales representatives....

Phone Features:
  • Multiple line appearances - handle multiple calls simultaneously, putting callers on hold and transferring or conferencing callers on the fly as needed to meet your business objectives
  • Blind Call Transfer
  • Attended Call Transfer
  • Easy to use Conference Calling capabilities
  • Outbound caller ID override - send your DID number or the company's main number on outbound calls, your choice.
  • Customize caller names that appear on your phone for frequent callers. Or download our Outlook plugin to automatically push all of your contact names as the caller ID for your incoming calls.
  • Park / Pick Up
  • Hold
  • Find Me / Follow Me - add rules to call other phones based on time of day and/or caller ID
  • Presence / Busy Lamps - see who else is on the phone or when someone is idle
  • And many more features...

Click to view our Phone Options - (PDF)

Virtual Office's call center package features rep virtualization which allows your representatives to log in at any Virtual Office phone within your company. They can move desks, log in from home, or even log in from a different office. All statistics are tracked with their rep ID and industry standard reports provide tracking of the number of calls taken, average call handling time, do not disturb statistics, non-queue calls, and other industry standard information required to manage your call center assets.

With Virtual Office's real time reporting you can view your queues at any time and from any location using our secure web portal to manage call volumes and adjust to business needs. See how many calls are in each queue, what task each rep is working on, and whether you have more people who can be made available to handle high volumes. Even have reps log in from home during bad weather or high volume days to expand capacity on demand.

With Velocity Virtual Office's call center package, you get the features you'd expect from an enterprise call center package without the limitations and high up front license costs. View real time data for live management, pull reports on queue statistics to analyse and identify trends, and pull reports to see how reps are spending their time and how they can be made more effective. All in addition to the flexibility you come to expect with the Virtual Office solution.

"Moving from my old phone provider to Velocity was a breeze. This is the phone system I should have had when I first started my business five years ago. My previous IP phone service cost me hundreds of dollars a month more than the Velocity Virtual Office. It has all the bells and whistles I need."
- Patrick Boulay, New Business Minnesota View Full

"The reasons we enjoy the Virtual Office Phone system from Velocity is because they have reasonable pricing and are very accommodating to our needs! But, more importantly the phone system works great. It is comforting not having to worry about the system going down like the other providers we have used and their customer services is the BEST!"
- Doug Gilbertson, Avionte

"The Velocity Virtual Office has worked great. It's a fully functional phone system without the big up-front cost. It's given us every phone feature we were looking for. Velocity's customer service is also excellent."
- Tony Urdahl, FSA, Hildi Incorporated

"The Virtual Office service is everything I expected and more. The call clarity is superb. I love the simultaneous ring feature. The unified messaging is great too. Now I can be 'in the office' at our cabin up north. And, best of all, I love the customer service I received from Alaric, Todd, and the rest of the crew. Velocity rocks!"
- Jerry, Techcited

"I have been a Velocity customer since February of this year and I cannot say enough of how much I love their Virtual Office!! I was given wonderful onsite training with step by step instructions with someone who answered all our questions, even the simple ones with respect and with answers even us who are not very technical would understand. I use my fax option off my computer almost daily without having to have a separate fax machine anymore. And I can control who has access to incoming faxes so confidential matters stay confidential."
- Erin Skalicky, Ruby's Pantry View Full

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